What is VPS Hosting? 5 Best VPS Hosting Providers in 2017

A VPS or a Virtual Private Server is a virtualized server residing on a more powerful hardware. It’s viewed as somewhat of a hybrid solution between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Technically, VPS hosting exists in a shared environment, that is, multiple VPS accounts are set up on the same physical server, but these accounts each have dedicated resources that they don’t share with others, which makes a VPS plan very similar to a dedicated hosting plan. Therefore, unlike a dedicated hosting plan, where you rent an entire server, with a VPS plan you rent a portion of the server’s resources and these resources are guaranteed.

To better understand how VPS hosting distinguishes itself from shared or dedicated hosting, here are the key elements that define VPS hosting:

  • Dedicated Resources: a VPS account is a virtual compartment on a physical machine that grants you independent resources.
  • Isolated Environment: Even though VPS technically exists in a shared environment, each virtual compartment functions independently with its own operating system, CPU, disk storage, memory, and bandwidth allocations.
  • Root Access: If you have the technical chops for it, you can customize a VPS server just like you would customize a dedicated server, thus, having complete control over your account.

VPS plans usually come with several built-in features, but you always have the option to customize your server environment to your liking. VPS hosting boasts a significantly better performance than a shared hosting plan, conferring your site more speed and security.

Top 5 VPS Hosts

If you’re looking for a VPS plan, here are the 5 best VPS hosting providers that are packed with valuable features, have highly responsive support teams and are recognized in the industry for their experience and expertise in delivering quality hosting services.


Since 1998, iPage has been providing a variety of hosting services encompassing both traditional and novel hosting solutions. iPage’s endurance in time was cemented by their expertise in offering quality services to all needs and budgets.

iPage’s VPS hosting plans come with fully managed support, instant deployment and customizable configurations. The three VPS plans – Basic, Business and Optimum – are scalable and are designed to accommodate the hosting needs of medium to high-traffic websites.

Prices range from $19.90/mo for their entry-level VPS plan to $79.99/mo for the Optimum plan, which comes with 4 cores CPU, 8 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, and 4 TB bandwidth. Irrespective of technical specs, all VPS plans include cPanel control panel, root access, fully managed support, unlimited domain hosting and MySQL database hosting, high-speed mirrored SAN storage, cloud-based flexibility, free domain name registration, personalized email address, free marketing credits, 24×7 support via mail, phone and live chat.


Another important actor on the web hosting scene, BlueHost has been providing reliable hosting services since 2003. Their presence in the hosting landscape hasn’t gone unnoticed since BlueHost is one of the most popular choices for hosting WordPress sites.

Built on cloud technology, BlueHost offers 4 VPS plans with different CPU, RAM, storage space and bandwidth configurations. Prices range between $19.99 and $59.99 per month. At BlueHost, you can get up to 4 CPU cores, 240 GB SAN storage, 8 GB RAM, 4 TB bandwidth, 1 included domains, and 2 IP addresses.

VPS plans come with cPanel, which provides full access to CentOS. You can add additional resources to your account without contacting support, allowing you to supplement your account’s resources anytime you want. Other optional features available with these plans include: SSL certificates, SiteLock, domain privacy, and spam protection (Postini).

BlueHost’s VPS plans are suitable for situations when you outgrow your shared hosting plan, but it wouldn’t be feasible for you to upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan.


InMotion Hosting was founded in 2001, just a few years before BlueHost. InMotion offers Linux SSD VPS hosting plans that are powered by the cloud, with cPanel, CentOS and LAMP stack included.

As an attestation to the quality of their services, at InMotion you get a 90-day money-back guarantee and 24×7 support via email, chat and phone.

All three VPS plans at InMotion come with unlocked CPU cores, free server management, redundant hardware clusters, live-state snapshots, free backups, DDoS attack protection, free domain name, unlimited email accounts, unlimited MySQL databases, up to 5 dedicated IP addresses, reseller access with WHM, resource monitoring dashboard, etc. Prices range from $29.99 per month to $79.99 per month. You can get up to 260 GB disk space, 6 TB transfer, and 8 GB RAM.

InMotion aims to appeal mainly to business users, however, the VPS plans offered by InMotion are suitable for anyone looking for a full-featured and reliable VPS plan.


Founded in 2002, HostGator is one of the most recognizable brands in the hosting industry. They owe their success to the affordable hosting plans they provide and the wide range of services they line up for their customers.

At HostGator, you have the option to choose from 3 VPS plans: Snappy 2000 ($19.95/mo), Snappy 4000 ($29.95/mo) and Snappy 8000 ($39.95/mo). These plans are available in managed and semi-managed versions. Managed VPS plans include cPanel. The Snappy 8000 includes 8 GB RAM, 8 cores CPU, 240 GB disk space, 3 TB bandwidth, and 2 IP addresses.

All VPS plans come with full root access, possibility to host unlimited domains, email addresses, and databases, weekly off-site backups, access to thousands of website templates, site development tools, a powerful script installer, and many more features.


InterServer has been in the hosting game since 1999, offering the full extent of hosting services from shared hosting to colocation hosting. Both customers and experts rank InterServer as one of the top VPS hosting providers.

VPS plans at InterServer are built on cloud infrastructure and come in 16 different configurations based on CPU, RAM, disk space and bandwidth. Unlike the other VPS hosting providers discussed in this article, InterServer provides both Linux cloud and Windows cloud servers.

Their entry-level VPS plan costs $6/mo (Linux) or $10/mo (Windows), and has the following features: 1 core CPU, 1024 MB memory, 25 GB storage, and 1 TB transfer, while their VPS plan with the most resources includes 4 CPU cores, 16384 MB memory, 400 GB storage, 16 TB transfer, and costs $96/mo (Linux) or $160/mo (Windows). VPS plans offer redundant storage, a choice of 16 different OSs, root access, backups and snapshots, IPV6 addresses, RAID 10 protected servers, access to free templates, and a whole arsenal of other features.

InterServer’s VPS plans come with Inter Server’s proprietary control panel, however, you have the option to upgrade to cPanel for an additional $10/mo, or add DirectAdmin for $8/month.


Whether your website needs a VPS plan from the get-go or you’re looking to upgrade from a shared hosting plan, the top VPS hosting providers in the business provide powerful Linux or Windows VPS plans available for friendly prices. The top-notch features and dedicate support guarantee the easy launch and maintenance of your website.

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